Friday, 28 March 2014

Perfect Parent's Evening

What is a perfect parent's evening?

Is there a definitive answer to this question?

I will be meeting parents next Monday for the second formal parents evening of my teaching career.

I have previously been involved in parents evenings as a teaching assistant and trainee teacher but find meeting parents on a 1:1 basis slightly daunting.

I am desperate to give constructive feedback without offending, I want the meeting to be a positive experience for pupil, parent and dare I say it myself.

The last parents evening was satisfactory but I felt that I needed to prepare something to give weight to my comments.

The Plan

So for Monday I plan to use INCERTS to give parents an indication of their pupils skill level within class and what skills they will be pursuing as they progress in their lessons.

I also plan to have two statements relating to their general behaviour and manner in class.

Their books will all be up to date and marked and a new display will be on the wall along with the newly created school website on the IWB. Any other ideas would be welcome...