Friday, 28 March 2014

Perfect Parent's Evening

What is a perfect parent's evening?

Is there a definitive answer to this question?

I will be meeting parents next Monday for the second formal parents evening of my teaching career.

I have previously been involved in parents evenings as a teaching assistant and trainee teacher but find meeting parents on a 1:1 basis slightly daunting.

I am desperate to give constructive feedback without offending, I want the meeting to be a positive experience for pupil, parent and dare I say it myself.

The last parents evening was satisfactory but I felt that I needed to prepare something to give weight to my comments.

The Plan

So for Monday I plan to use INCERTS to give parents an indication of their pupils skill level within class and what skills they will be pursuing as they progress in their lessons.

I also plan to have two statements relating to their general behaviour and manner in class.

Their books will all be up to date and marked and a new display will be on the wall along with the newly created school website on the IWB. Any other ideas would be welcome...

The Past Week

A large part of the week has been spent setting up the new school website and I am hoping that soon this will come up in search results.

I have become re-addicted to twitter and social media including setting up this blog.

The learners have mainly been working on formal persuasive letters and welsh geography posters which are really starting to take shape and will be on display in the parents evening

Star: - Unveiling of The PE Cup on Thursday
Wish: - Remember that important events will not always be on the school bulletin!

The Week Ahead

We are blessed in school with a good number of teaching assistants however three of them will be out completing important training on the first three days of next week.

It will be important to plan even more effectively to ensure that lessons are differentiated for all learners within my class.   

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  1. So without the planned for PPA on Monday morning the pen portraits were not as detailed as planned. I did however manage to scribble descriptions for each of the learners down onto a sheet of paper before which was very effective in leading the conversation.