Friday, 4 April 2014

How can we engage learners on school trips?

How can we engage learners on school trips?

So it's almost here an opportunity to get learners out of the classroom for some real world learning.

On Thursday I alongside other staff from school will be taking 29 KS2 learners to a power station to learn all about electricity. 

In my short career in education so far I have been involved in taking learners on a number of trips which have ranged greatly in terms of level of engagement and indeed the level of learning.

In order for a school trip to be successful I believe the following criteria should be met

  • Staff that are passionate about where they work
  • Learners being able to ask questions
  • Real world application for the learners
  • Opportunities for kinaesthetic learning
  • A sense of fun

I hope that together with the staff at the power station we can help ensure this criteria is met to ensure a rewarding experience for the learners.
The Plan

So it is important that next week the learners feel a sense of excitement in the build up to their school trip. It would be worthwhile getting the learners to think of questions that they would like answered about power and I need to ensure that all staff are clear on the format of the day in order to spark the learners interest. As always other ideas are welcome...

The Past Week

Parents evening as mentioned in last week's blog went very well and I felt that a quick pen portrait was sufficient information to discuss a learners strengths and weaknesses

The week itself has been quite draining with most of the support staff for my class away on a restraint training course and the other KS2 teacher unwell. However this did mean that I had the opportunity to experience teaching 29 learners from aged 7 to 11 full time for two days. My ability to differentiate has surely benefited.

Star: - Awarding The PE Cup on Thursday
Wish: - Ensure all letters are given out at the end of the day!

The Week Ahead

The countdown to Easter is on two half days, two full days and a school trip to go! 

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