Friday, 18 April 2014

Why is a union conference important?

Why is a union conference important?

So after returning home from my first union conference and catching up on all my favourite programmes it's a good time to reflect on why a union conference is important.

The best thing about conference has been discussing education and educational policy with educators from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. All of the people I spoke to were passionate about education and this creates a real positive buzz around the job that I love.

I have doubled the number of twitter tweets on my account. Twitter was a great tool for informally discussing educational policy and seeing the thoughts and experiences of educators not on stage.

It was a great experience for me to walk on stage and talk about teacher pay in front of the largest audience I have ever spoken to and being at conference has been great for CPD.

Finally it has been difficult to find teachers willing to let me come in to see them teach. Thankfully I now have the contact details of 3 educators willing to allow me in to their classrooms but also willing and excited to come and visit mine. Which can only be a good thing for the learners in our respective classes.

I would encourage as many educators as possible to take a real interest in what their union does. Go to branch meetings and make a real effort to attend next years conference to help #ShapeEducation.

The Past Week

This post has reflected on my experience at conference I also had an informal maths observation from GwE on the last day of term which was a great opportunity to share practical experiences of teaching and get some constructive feedback.

Star: - Meeting people at conference
Wish: - To have made a better speech at the steering group nominations

The Week Ahead

I am taking a well earned break over the weekend but will ready and raring to go with completing my mid term plans for next term, updating incerts and writing my second Masters assignment from Tuesday onwards. Also have a fitness test with the army to look forward to next week!

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