Friday, 26 September 2014

Using Pie Corbett in the classroom

So this week the learners have spent time completing work through the Pie Corbett story telling technique and it has been fantastic.

The learners were showing a lack of creativity with their sentences and I was aware of the technique however I was slightly intimidated by it. It has been so easy to use and the learners have all benefited not just in their creative writing but in their confidence and they genuinely seemed to be having fun as well!

The learners are now using the creative language used in Pie Corbett as a scaffold for writing their own stories and some really interesting ideas are coming out!

Friday, 5 September 2014

How does it feel to return to school after first year of teaching?

Although i still had the compulsory pre-school nightmares that the learners wouldn't listen it was with some relief that I re entered my classroom for the second year of my teaching career.

 It has been great to already have a strong working relationships with nearly all the learners I am teaching this  year. There are 2 new learners to get to know which is interesting in itself but it definitely helps with planning when you know the levels, interests and characteristics of the learners you are teaching before you enter the classroom on day 1 of a new year!