Friday, 5 September 2014

How does it feel to return to school after first year of teaching?

Although i still had the compulsory pre-school nightmares that the learners wouldn't listen it was with some relief that I re entered my classroom for the second year of my teaching career.

 It has been great to already have a strong working relationships with nearly all the learners I am teaching this  year. There are 2 new learners to get to know which is interesting in itself but it definitely helps with planning when you know the levels, interests and characteristics of the learners you are teaching before you enter the classroom on day 1 of a new year!

The Past Week

Monday and Tuesday was a great opportunity to catch up with all the school news and talk about where each member of staff fits in to the whole school plan. It also gave me the opportunity to discuss plans and ideas with the other KS2 teacher in my school and that helped to increase enthusiasm for the new year. One of the new year 6 had come to school with their mum on Monday and seeing the learners really does remind you why you spend so much time trying to ensure they enjoy their learning. Wednesday involved turning all the tables up to create a spaceship in the classroom perhaps not something I would be able to do in a new school on day 1. We completed a mini TASC on launching rockets using film canisters, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda and the presentations the learners prepared and performed on this were great.

Star of the week - Turning the classroom into a spaceship for a space launch

Wish for the week - Utilising the support staff better in creating displays.

The Week Ahead

Next week will be a return to the norm for the year with a full Monday to Friday week and two afternoons working on numeracy and literacy with Year 2. Should be an exciting and challenging week!

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