Friday, 26 September 2014

Using Pie Corbett in the classroom

So this week the learners have spent time completing work through the Pie Corbett story telling technique and it has been fantastic.

The learners were showing a lack of creativity with their sentences and I was aware of the technique however I was slightly intimidated by it. It has been so easy to use and the learners have all benefited not just in their creative writing but in their confidence and they genuinely seemed to be having fun as well!

The learners are now using the creative language used in Pie Corbett as a scaffold for writing their own stories and some really interesting ideas are coming out!

The Past Week

Alongside the work on Pie Corbett I have continued to try and work on time with year 2 and division with year 5 and 6. I have also reintroduced top gear tables back into the classroom and learners have enjoyed seeing how fast they can say their tables. 

Star of the week - Reintroducing top gear tables and getting learners buzzing about how quick they can do them.

Wish for the week - Remember to update my literacy display!

The Week Ahead

Next week should see the learners creating their own exciting stories and hopefully building simple quiz power points. I am also looking forward to starting an adventure club on Tuesday a personal target I set myself.

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