Friday, 3 October 2014

What is the value of an adventure club in school?

Wednesday saw the long awaited start of an adventure club after school. The buzz the learners created around this was great but also made me quite apprehensive. Would the learners enjoy the club as much as I hoped? Would it add value to the learners extra-curricular education?

The start of the session went well with learners happily contributing thoughts on what they would like to do in the sessions and also responding well to my suggestions...especially making hot chocolate with my Jetboil

There was also a "wow" moment which always puts a smile on my face when I showed learners my webbing and they enjoyed thinking about what equipment it would be good to have in the pouches.

We used Google Maps to recap basic map reading and then looked at a map of the school before going outside and doing some basic orienteering.

Thankfully one of the parents told me that the learners had loved the club the morning after. Success! :-)

The Past Week

Division is one of the areas that learners seem to find difficult in maths and so we have spent plenty of time on it this week. It was good to hear one of the learners remark that, "this is easy now!" It always is when you know the answer and hopefully more learners do now! We have also continued writing up our mythical stories based on Pie Corbett and learners have created some lovely work.

Star of the week - The smile on the face on one learner when he found the name of a planet stuck to the bottom of his chair!

Wish for the week - Really try and have one "wow" moment a day, they are worth the extra effort!

The Week Ahead

With only two weeks left before I go on exercise with the army reserve I want to make sure we keep progressing fast. I am looking forward to the learners creating exciting PowerPoint quizzes and exploring number patterns. I also have another adventure club session to look forward to to...hopefully get some tents out! :-)

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