Friday, 9 May 2014

Emotional roller-coaster of testing

Emotional roller-coaster of testing

This week has been all about the tests in reading and maths with Monday and Tuesday spent trying to revise key areas where the learners were weak. On Wednesday it kicked off with the reading test and I was pretty pleased with the performance of my class. Thursday was the procedural maths paper and today we have completed a maths investigation to try and keep focussed ready for the maths reasoning papers after the weekend.

Although only a four day week I have ended the week feeling run down and in desperate need of some time to recuperate! As a teacher you always want the best for your pupils and this empathy leads to real emotional highs and lows when marking their work.

Some of the learners have attained high marks others have done as expected and a few have under attained. As mentioned in my previous post for some learners the tests are a waste of time as they were unable to engage with the material in any way.

On Thursday there was a real learning experience for me as a teacher. I was annoyed with the learners in my class who had made silly mistakes in the reading paper. In order to try and avoid a repeat in the maths paper I brought this to their attention in the morning docking 1 minute of golden time. This led to one of my learners finding it very difficult to engage with the maths paper as she was too upset to concentrate. With hindsight bringing up anything exam related is more likely to lead to more stress than increased concentration.

The Past Week

This week has focussed mainly upon the tests in reading and maths. However there has been some good opportunities to allow the learners to complete some relaxed tasks and develop better working relationships. I have started reading The River Singers by Tom Moorhouse and the class seem to genuinely enjoy listening to me read which is good!

Star: - Being offered a contract to continue teaching next year with the opportunity to work with Year 2 in the afternoon. 

Wish: - Leave any feedback on tests until after the testing period is complete.

The Week Ahead

The tests continue with the introduction of a maths reasoning test for the first time and I hope the tests reflect the learners ability. After the tests we have a trip to Glan Llyn outdoor education centre to look forward to. An exciting but also tiring style room inspections and lights out at 10pm is the plan! 

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