Friday, 11 July 2014

What is the value of learner centred behaviour management?

Last Friday we sat all the learners in KS2 down and asked them to think of all the problems that they faced in the school day. Lots of them mentioned that they felt unsafe on the yard and that they felt as though they were often being called names and hurt be each other. We then asked the learners to come up with a number of solutions to their problems. The solutions suggested included a new approach to problems on the yard, a ban on play fighting and a new thoughts box (where learners can post happy or negative thoughts knowing that the staff will read them). The important thing was that these solutions were suggested by the learners themselves and therefore they have ownership over them. It is their responsibility to put these into practice and monitor them.

After the first week of this intervention it is difficult to tell how well the new strategies are working. Certainly there have been no major incidences this week however the idea is not to tackle major incidences but to improve overall behaviour of all learners.

Your thoughts on this approach to behaviour management are much appreciated.

The Past Week

A lovely trip for KS2 to the Llangollen Eisteddfod went very well, learners are progressing with their projects on Brazil and the World Cup and I attended an interesting conference on utilising international links to improve the delivery of the literacy and numeracy framework.

Star: - The highlight of this week was seeing two learners who looked incredibly bored going for most of our trip to the Llangollen Eisteddfod really engage with the Bollywood dancing...I think a sugar rush from all their sweets may have helped! 

Wish: - The main wish this week is a recurring one that I could speak and understand more Welsh. A learner asked me to speak more Welsh to him today and unfortunately all I could do was reply that I will try but that I do find it hard!

The Week Ahead

Next week is that last week of my first academic year as a newly qualified teacher! I am looking forward to spending time in the school garden with the children trying to make sure it is a good learning area for after the summer holidays!

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