Friday, 4 July 2014

Can I teach an outstanding lesson every day?

Can I teach an outstanding lesson every day?

A little while ago an experienced teacher mentioned to be what may be a trade secret..."try and teach one outstanding lesson every day and the rest will fall into place". Recently I have been trying to incorparate this idea into my planning making sure the learners make progress in every lesson but also doing my best to teach one lesson every day I am proud off.

This week's lessons have included at one end of the scale a successful maths lesson where learners showed high levels of engagement in a well differentiated outdoor lesson learning about angles. To a science lesson today where the starter didn't really take off and although the learners did make progress I wasn't proud of the overall learning that took place.

Twitter is a good way of posting ideas down and getting excited about one lesson a day (yes we should be excited about every lesson but is that possible...) and posting about what I am looking forward to in the school day. 

I hope to teach more outstanding lessons next week! 

The Past Week

The performance of all the schools in Dipyn y Sioe at the local secondary was fantastic with lots of wonderful singing and dancing. Other highlights have included more work with Year 2 and the engagement they showed racing each other to run and show me their answers to maths questions and going down the woods to learn about angles.

Star: - The highlight of this week was the discovery of cards as a good way of working on quick fire addition and seeing some real progress 

Wish: - A lesson this week is to remember the lasting impact that incidences such as raising my voice once in a lesson have on the learners.

The Week Ahead

Next week I am looking forward to a school trip to the Llangollen Eisteddfod and creating some videos with the Year 2 and Year 6 asking and answering questions about life in the juniors.

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