Friday, 27 June 2014

How many hours are there in a school week?

How many hours are there in a school week?

This question is one that seems to change from week to week and month to month. This last week has seemed like the longest week of my NQT year so far! From rehearsals for a musical to attending meetings and first aid staff training the week has been full and I'm not sure where the hours have come from...needless to say there is still not enough.

Currently I am completing reports for my class (quite an enjoyable task as it's my first time writing them), trying to make sure I fulfil all the qualified teacher standards and hoping to get started on the third module of my Masters. All of this work to do without even thinking about entering the classroom and educating the learners!

The funny thing is though I'm not really complaining about the workload, in fact I rather enjoy having a lot to makes me feel useful. This post is more of an observation that in teaching there are times when the week is short and other times when the week never really seems to end! This is perhaps the reason why teachers look forward to the Summer holidays. 

The Past Week

I mentioned last week about the amount of activities on and this week has involved rehearsals for a musical, finishing a TASC week on the world cup, a bikability course, a football fixture, a first aid course, a fai-to on Manga High and attending an annual review!

Star: - The highlight of this week has been the engagement the learners have shown taking part in a fai-to on Manga High a great website for developing learners Maths. 

Wish: - The main lesson this week has been learning how to be efficient with report writing. The first one took a couple of hours and now they take about 40 mins. It is all about preparation, setting enough time aside and coffee! :-)

The Week Ahead

Next week should hopefully see a return to more structure. I am looking forward to spending more time teaching Year 2 and the highlight of the week should be seeing the learners in my class perform in a musical at Ysgol Brynhyfryd (the local secondary). 

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  1. How about counting:
    * how many are there supposed to be per week
    * times how many weeks are there
    * times how many school years do they go through?

    I made one such check for the Swedish school system. Total number of hours was, I think 700 + hours. Unless that was only for one third of the nine years.

    The persons involved are children to adolescents.

    Making even an adult an adept of a cult is considered to take 200 - 400 hours.

    So, is compulsory schooling making children adepts of a cult?