Friday, 20 June 2014

How do you write a high quality school report?

How do you write a high quality school report?

With only four weeks left till the end of my first academic year as a teacher my thoughts and spare time are currently filled with report writing.

This is the first year I will write reports and my only real experience of reports thus far is the one's I received! I can rememeber that I used to be excited about opening my report as they were generally quite good and it was important to me that the feedback given was an accurate representation of what I had achieved over the year. 

In writing reports this year I am planning to do the following things,

1.) Update all learners score on INCERTS so that they have targets related to the national curriculum standards.

2.) Look at each learners report from last year as a clue to how to write reports this year (last year there was no complaints from parents).

3.) Write a personalised statement for each area of the report. I did this on parents evening and felt the information I gave was accurate and representative.

4.) Avoid copying and pasting.

5.) Get all reports proof read by the other more experienced KS2 teacher in order to avoid any unnecessary errors being sent out!

Any other tips greatly appreciated! 

The Past Week

There is so much going on at school at the moment it is hard to keep up, learners are practicing for the Ruthin Festival where they will perform a musical based on We Will Rock, Wednesday involved a session from Ruthin Lawn Tennis Club which was great fun to be a part of and today we went to a drama workshop at Theatre Clwyd.

Star: - The highlight of this week was a boy known for being the class clown having the opportunity to show off his drama skills and being rewarded for it!

Wish: - Ensure that we have more effective communication with parents.

The Week Ahead

It should be another exciting week next week as the Year 5/6 complete a bikeability course, the staff complete a first aid course and I get my first opportunity to work on numeracy skills with Year 2!

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