Friday, 6 June 2014

Is singing in school important?

Is singing in school important?

One of the big events for my school this half term is the Ruthin Festival where learners will be performing Queen songs. They only have a couple of weeks to practice to be ready to perform to around 100 people. So I plan for the learners to sing everyday in preparation.

The learners seem to genuinely like the songs they are singing which is a bonus however they are far too quiet at the moment and need to raise their volume. I have previously identified a weakness in my ability to deliver music and singing lessons so it was good to observe a music specialist earlier in the week. I believe the key in getting children loud and confident is to sing loudly and confidently yourself and if you do that the competence should come.

A few months ago I observed a teacher at a different school and she said that children should sing every day. I would say that at the moment we only sing when we have a performance to prepare for. Certainly singing is a good way of remembering and a secondary school language teacher I know still sings with his Year 11's. Perhaps I could build singing into the timetable as a daily welsh practice before lunch or before the end of the day.

Your thoughts appreciated...

The Past Week

A good week back in school and much easier to adjust after only a week off than it was after the Easter holidays. We completed some good work on forces through creating our own roller-coasters on-line and the learners planned a litter investigation of their local area.

Star: - The quality of the Welsh conversations that are being spoken while we complete the register after the introduction of tocyn iaith's (language tokens).

Wish: - I need to keep a better eye on my diary and remember who I am seeing and when!

The Week Ahead

I am looking forward to more singing practice in the week ahead and a Masters in Educational Practice learning on behaviour management. 

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